About Darfon Mobility

Darfon Mobility is an advanced, flexible and fully automated system for bike share, bike rent and e-parking. Within Darfon Mobility, sustainability has high priority. For example, the units can operate on solar energy. Users don’t need cash. They can also pay safely and easily with their mobile phone or smart card.

Darfon Mobility is an international player which develops, produces and offers creative total solutions for sustainable mobility. All over the world, more and more cities and businesses are using the special customer and service-oriented services of Darfon Mobility. Thanks to its own team, the partners worldwide and its own production facilities, Darfon Mobility is always able to offer customised bike share, bike rent and e-parking services.

The Darfon Rental Bike

Darfon Mobility has developed a special loan bike which fulfils all the requirements relating to quality and low maintenance. The bike is made of aluminium (weighing around 12 kilos), has advertising panels, an adjustable seat and automatic lighting. An Axa lock and GPS are optional. In addition, the bike has a subtle appearance, low step and gears.

Global system, local business

Darfon Mobility approaches the market via, among others, national and international interested parties and umbrella organisations. These parties particularly appreciate our ‘Global system, local business’ approach, because this serves exactly the interests which are important to them. They invest in an innovative and globally operating system which fits into the local environment, adding value in the form of employment for example.

Ultimately, we want to build up a global network giving users easy access to a bike at any Darfon Mobility location.

Wherever it operates, Darfon Mobility works with local representatives with a network in the world of mobility. At local level, they are given access to their own technical service and maintenance department.

Mission & strategy

Our company’s goal is to offer an automated total solution in bike share, bike rent and e-parking using the latest technologies. In doing so, we try to optimally facilitate operators and users.

We always adhere to our strategy:

  • Darfon Mobility wants to become an important innovative international player (top 3) in facilitating and promoting Eco-mobility in combination with social participation and employment.
  • We want to do this on the basis of new but proven technology and continuous innovation.
  • User convenience plays a crucial role in this.
  • Based on broad and flexible solutions, Darfon Mobility offers the operators an open structure.
  • Darfon Mobility works exclusively with established players in the market.


Promoting Eco-mobility by offering a global network of bike share services, social participation, employment, freedom and flexibility. For everyone.

‘People, Planet and Profit’ are the three central pillars which we support and which we also actively apply within Darfon Mobility.

Darfon Mobility is in itself a socially responsible business programme. We attach great importance to the circular economy.

Market developments

Sustainability, reduction of CO2 emissions, encouraging bike use, promoting chain mobility and health are today’s social and political priorities. The market for new automated systems is extensive and it is expanding both inside and outside Europe.

Darfon Mobility has the ability to flexibly respond to the wide range of environmental factors and local needs. The ultimate aim is to make Darfon Mobility a (registered) A brand.

The current market wants a total solution: simple to use and operate, widely applicable, flexible in terms of size and ecologically sound. In order to promote the use of mobility services, a low threshold system is required which can accommodate different payment and loyalty options.

The new technological possibilities respond very well to the rapidly changing society. This makes mobility-related solutions and services like bike share, bike rent and e-parking profitable for the operators.